Activity Based Care

Culmside Support provides Day Services at Smithincott Farm for individuals with a learning disability, autism, dementia or a Mental Health condition.

Activities available:

Small Animals

We also a have number of small animals including pigs, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and chickens, ducks and 1 Shetland pony.
Opportunities include:

  • Feeding the pigs, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, chickens and ducks
  • Collecting eggs
  • Cleaning out the chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Grooming and handling the rabbits, guinea pigs and pony
  • Assisting with general care
  • Fixing and making fences


We are based on a working dairy farm and currently milk up to 100 cows every day.
Opportunities include:

  • Caring for the calves and making sure they have clean bedding and enough food and water
  • Feeding cows
  • Fencing

Other opportunities include observing calves being born and helping out with the silage/maize harvest.


  • Basic gardening skills – weeding, pruning, preparing the ground for growing fruit and vegetables, planting
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Harvest and take home fruit & vegetables
  • Grass cutting
  • Offering individual plots or planters
  • Making planters

Indoor “rainy day” Activities

We currently offer a few craft based activities that can be done when the weather is bad such as:

  • Flower pot painting
  • Planting indoor bulbs
  • Making bird feeders
  • Christmas decorations
  • Making crumble mixes, cordials, jam using produce from in and around the gardens
  • Woodwork – making toys for small animals, bug ‘hotels’, bird tables etc
  • Craft Workshops

Other Activities

  • Sensory Garden – awaken the senses with various activities in our Sensory Garden or simply sit and take in the different sights/smells/sounds/touch etc
  • Volunteering opportunities in the community – we take small groups out to people’s garden and help tidy, cut grass, weed etc. The people we help often give us donations which we use to subsidise trips out.
  • Trips – theatre, sea fishing, steam trains, museums, gardens and grand houses!
  • Local walks
  • Fishing
  • Beach combing
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